Some Days

Heavy rain streaks across the glassy windows
of this elementary school library,
falling steadily to the ground.

The view from this room is incredible.
Large, beautiful homes and autumn-dyed
trees line the slick asphalt streets
leading down to the South Sound coastline
and beyond, into the misty grey.
Expansive and captivating.
I take it all in.

It’s a dark day. Cold and wet.
But inside is comfortable.
Here with the view—
with all these books! Many of the
same books I read as a boy. What a treat
to belong among such a collection
on this overcast and rainy day.
I walk among the books, gliding
my fingers gently across
their spines.

Outside it keeps coming down.
Sure, tougher some days
than others
to admit how brief these moments are.
How tired we are of beauty escaping
our grasp.



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