Time of the Year

Jazz is best heard,
I think, in the fall. There’s
nothing better than waking
to the leaves burning up
red, orange, yellow
and putting the classics on
with a cup of jet black joe.

No, Maybe jazz
is best heard in the winter—
Yes! A way to keep warm
against the snow, slate, and
slanting winds that blow in the
darkened days when all the
leaves have taken their leave.

Come to think of it,
jazz is best heard in the spring.
This I’m sure of.
What pairs better with the fresh
sounds of Shorter on sax
than the rush of blooming
cherry blossoms in the yard?

And yet, maybe Jazz
is best heard in the summer.
Yes, I recall hot, starry nights
spent sweating ‘long side a
sweating six-pack with Afro Cuban
rhythms exploding like fireworks
dancing to a 6/8 rumba.

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